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تاريخ التسجيل : 18/07/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: رسايل English   الأربعاء أغسطس 13, 2008 6:11 pm

R : is for Red

Red : is for Blood

Blood : is for Heart

Heart : is for Love

Love : is for you

I Love You

The rain may cover the sun
But we know that the sun
Never forgets to shine,
Just like u, we may not
Often see each other but
You always shine in
My heart

Some things can be
Left undone
Some words can be
Left unsaid
Some feelings can be
Left unexpressed
But someone like u can never
Be left unremembered

If I could wish a life for you
a life that you deserve,
it would be a life
As good as your heart,
as bright as your smile
and as wonderful as u

If I only touch the rainbow
I will write ur name on
The top of it
To let the people know
How colorful is my
Life to have a friend
Like you…

Life is traveled only once
And today's moment becomes
Tomorrow's memory
So, enjoy every moment
Good or bad….
Because the gift of life
Is life itself

Everybody wants
Go to heavento, but
Nobody wants to die.

I made a list of special
People in my life
I wrote them by pencil&
I included ur name, but
I used a permanent ink
For u, because I
Decided to keep u

One day if u need me
& there are 100 steps
between us. You take
the first step to get near
me, I will take all the 99
steps to be there for u.

Time just passes away
but don’t let ur friends
go with it.

Sweet candles are easy to buy.
Sweet words are easy to say
But sweet friends like u
Is hard to find.
I would never want to lose u.

I ask Allah 2
Make u happy
Make u smile
Guide u safety
Through every mile
Grant u wealth Given u health
Grant u paradise and
Most of all be pleased with u.

Life is a book we all read
Love is a blessing we all need
Always be happy
Always have a smile
Remember in this world
We are just for a while.

When LIFE gives you
Thousand reasons to
CRY, show that
You have a million
& one reasons to SMILE
Keep smiling & enjoy
LIFE no matter how
Hard it may seem….

It’s a nice feeling
When u know that
Some1 loves u
Some1 misses u
Some1 needs u
But it feels much better
When u know that
Some1 never ever forgets u
That’s Me

Don’t be angry
I'll tell u what TOZ means
T= take care of ur self
O= of course I love u
Z= zero my life without u
So, a big'' TOZ'' to u

Birds say
If u love me don’t catch me.
Flower say
If u love me don’t cut me.
BUT Quran say
If u love me don’t leave me.

Friends 4 ever
We will stay asking about each other
Every day Friendship is
Always the best way
I hope we will be 2gether'
Until we enter heaven

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